Wisdom Shaders

Wisdom Shaders

Wisdom Shaders aimed to provide impressive Minecraft graphics experience with the highest performance possible. It is compatible for Mac, Windows and Linux, and it is able to run on devices from Intel's integrated graphics to the top end Nvidia TITANs.


PBR Lighting system

This shader uses PBR (Physics based rendering) technique for lighting effects. Sun, shadow, torch and ambient light are fully PBR. You can distinguish rough surface and smooth surface, the difference in materials' reflections. Wisdom Shader's PBR will give you the best and most realistic effects!

Environment reflections - IBL

Have you wondered reflections on stained glasses, iron blocks, gold blocks and even rails' metal part? Environment reflections with screen space ray tracing can give you all these! You can see the sky and clouds get reflected on metal and stained glass surface. You will see blurred scence reflections on ice surface, and you will also see another building's reflection on your newly built skyscrapers. WOW!

Oceanic system

The most realistic ocean water in Minecraft ever! Oceanic waves, water reflections, parallax water, cool!

Wisdom Ambient Occulution

A new ambient occulution method that brings you precise & smooth occulutions. It is much better than SSAO which occuludes edges that aren't necessary.

Crespecular scattering

Sunrise scattered through the leaves in the forest and cross behind the mountains, with tiny performance cost!

Customizable Shaders Option

You can choose to enable or disable the effects, change the performance settings, and customize this shader for you.

Filters & Effects

White world, black & white filter, blooms, depth of fields and motion blur. With support of 8-Bit filter, Cinematic color, or even modern color options built in the shader!

Platform Compatibility

Compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac. Compatible with Nvidia GeForce, AMD, and Intel's HD Graphics!



  • Minecraft 1.7.10 or higher
  • Does not compatible with ShadersModCore, use Optifine instead
  • Minecraft 1.7.10 : Optifine HD_U_D7 or higher
  • Minecraft 1.8.X : Optifine HD_U_H6 or higher
  • Minecraft 1.9.X : Optifine HD_U_D7 or higher
  • Minecraft 1.10.X : Optifine HD_U_D3 or higher
  • Minecraft 1.11.X or higher : Any version of Optifine


  • At least 4GB of memory is recommended
  • Intel i5 / Ryzen R3 or better is recommended
  • For laptop: Intel i7 or better is recommended
  • Intel UHD 620 or better
  • Nvidia GTX 1050 or better is recommended
  • AMD RX 470 or better


Version 3232: From GitHub

Latest development version: From GitHub