Cheng (Bob) Cao

I graduated from UC Berkeley with Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science major, and I'm now a EECS 5-th year masters at University of California, Berkeley. My main focus is on computer graphics.

I'm interning at Nvidia as a Raytracing Engineer for Nvidia Omniverse. I was a Graphics Engineering Intern at Blizzard Entertainment during summer 2020, working and prototyping on raytracing GI solutions in the Shared Game Engine team.

My field of interest is mainly computer graphics, especially real-time rendering. You can check out lots of my cool projects on this field, and I have an especially strong passionate in games and visual medium.

Beyond that, I'm learning and researching in the area of computer vision. I'm a casual photographer, and a computer enthusiast. (I built a full-custom water cooling loop in my daily PC)

I believe that computer science is not strictly a subject of math and logic, rather it is a subject of craft and creation. I think everyone should have the right to enjoy the beauty of this, ultimately human, creation.

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Email: [email protected] [email protected]