Wisdom Shaders & its future (Part 1)

Wisdom Shaders & its future (Part 1)

As many of you may noticed (or even not noticed at all, you're welcome), development of Wisdom Shaders for minecraft has been on a hold for pretty long. I feel like I had the responsibility to talk about the history and possible future of this shaders, as well as the reason why things are not getting along.

P.S. I will not probably be able to finish all these clutter in one post. Please expecting multiple posts.

聪明的你们也许已经发现(或者干脆没有发现 :D)Wisdom光影已经有一段时间没更新了。我觉得现在是时候,也有这个必要,来讲一讲Wisdom光影的历史与未来,以及为何光影的开发并没有什么进展。

P.S. 以我这挤牙膏的能力这篇东西是不可能一次性完成的。后续还会有其他部分!

The history part

Wisdom V2 (Which is actually V1)

Wisdom is a pretty old project. It all started out from a summer day of probably 2015 when I was poking around my computer and found out only Kuda 5 supports my "totally not a potato" computer.

"Cut it short u bastard! Does Kuda has anything to do with Wisdom?"

"Yes you bastard! The first version of Wisdom is actually pirated Kuda without acknowledging its EULA with minimal changes to stock Kuda, and I even posted it on the Internet!"

"Oh what a bastard!"

Well it's true, and to be honest, I must admit that I learned a lot about shaders by poking around Kuda's source code. You can say without Kuda, there won't be Wisdom. (No pun intended)






Wisdom V2 RC2 (Which is the real V2)

I got tons of criticism of "pirating" Kuda code, and I know that's not my code anyways. I don't quite understand how shaders work in detail at that moment, and I decided to write my own shaders for learning purpose.

Wisdom V2 RC2 is a fresh start for me, but it also lays the foundation of "modern" wisdom shaders. It features a entirely written from scratch code base (which is pretty unique in that time when almost everything is SEUS derived). To be honest, it does not look good, and it has tremendous amount of bugs and problems. However, it got a lot of neat features that probably makes it one of the first. Features including colored shadow, under water shadow casting, and gamma correction are not common or not even been used by other shaders at that time.

The most unique part of Wisdom is its performance and wide compatibility. It all started from my "totally not a potato" computer which is rocking an "amazingly fast" duo core mobile i7 with an "super good" integrated graphics. Coding on such platform is a pain, and it lays down the fame of Wisdom - feature rich while running fast.


对我来说Wisdom V2 RC2是一个全新的开始,它也为后来的Wisdom打下了很好的一个根基。它有一个完全从头开始写的核心(自主可控?笑)(那个时候大部分光影还是SEUS的衍生品)。讲道理它并不是很好看,而且它有非常多的bug和各种毛病。不过这些并不能阻挡它成为各种“第一”。彩色阴影,水底光照,伽马矫正等功能在当时都是属于第一批甚至第一个采用这些技术的光影。


It's time for goodnight, more goodies and stuff on Part 2.